Renault Master (Minibus, Diesel) 12 seater or Similar

Renault Master Bus


Ultra large with excellent capabilities, the Renault Master can handle up to 12 people. It has a superb diesel-auto-drive train, making the heavyweight easy to manage and work with.

From $179/day


  •  Automatic Transmission
  •  12 Seats
  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Cruise Control
  •  Reverse Camera

Quick Summary

This bus gives you more space than you need, along with excellent vision, so you witness the views all around.

  • Number of seats: 12 seats
  • Cargo volume: 8 to 17 cubic metres
  • Type of car: Mini bus / 12-seater
  • Fuel capacity: 100 litres

Why Choose the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mini bus for Rental:

  • Looking to move or relocating on your own without hiring a professional mover
  • Need a van for a business to go to trade exhibitions
  • Require room for up to 12 people and with extra leg room
  • Want to prioritise comfortable seating in your rental

Our Benefits

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We offer convenient options for travelers and locals alike to pick up and drop off the hire vehicles. If you’re flying into Perth Airport, we also offer a free and convenient shuttle service.

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High Quality

All our vehicles are maintained and looked after well. We only rent out modern and high-quality vehicles as we value your comfort and safety.

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Our Perth mini bus rentals offer the ultimate in comfort and luxuries such as full bus air conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity and a quality sound system.

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We offer our mini bus hire options at competitive rates with no hidden charges. Not only are we committed to keeping our rates down, but you can also trust that we won’t hit you with any fees you didn’t expect.

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Above all else, the safety of all passengers is paramount. Our vehicles are equipped with reverse cameras and/or sensors to give you extra visibility, driver and passenger airbags as well as an array of other safety features you can ask us about anytime.

Enjoy Safe Mini Buses Rental with Contactless Pickup

Our contactless pickup is a secure method that involves booking online and self-service once you are ready to pick up your Renault Master.

Benefits of Contactless Pickup for your Renault Master Rental

  • It’s hygienic
  • It’s fast
  • You get to enjoy improved customer experience
  • Prevent any issues
  • It’s hassle-free

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  •  Bluetooth Connectivity
  •  12 Seats
  •  Cruise Control
  •  Reverse Camera
  •  Automatic Transmission



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