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Plastic Free Event

Pretty sure that everybody is aware that waste is becoming a problem in different parts of the world. That is why it would be great, if we can all participate in the waste management programs in our community. Do you that plastic is one of the wastes that greatly contributes to the improper disposal problem that we are all facing now?
Take a look around the beaches, parks and streets. You can always see plastic bottles, bags and cups everywhere. If you will notice, you can still find people, who are not disciplined enough when it comes to properly disposing them. This is not a good habit and so, we need to stop these people. We can only do that, if the government will set rules and policies regarding waste disposal as well as different waste management programs in your area.

What about the Plastic Free event?
Do you know that something good is going on in Perth this July? The Rottnest will be having an event and everybody is invited to accept and participate a challenge that is about choosing the refusal of single-use of plastic things.
Are you aware that when we say single-use plastic, this means that it can last for up to forever? But, the thing is that we are using plastic as a disposable stuff every day. Can you count how much plastic is wasted every time an individual use it for drinking water alone?
For you to join, you need to visit the café, such as the Geordie Bay Café, Frankie’s on Rotto and the Lane to get a bucket, which you will fill with wastes that you can collect from different public spots in the city. After filling up the bucket, you may go back to the café and you can get back a hot drink for free. Another thing that you need to do is to bring your own coffee cup and it must be a reusable one.
Aside from that, there would also be workshops for kids that you may check out. This is headed by Sandy McKendrick. One is the Calico Bag printing and the Boat Sculptures. Make sure to come with your kids because they need a guardian to assist them.
This is a program of the Rottnest Island because they usually find plastic with a big percentage of waste around the beaches. So, is there a reason not to join this event? Feel free to book for this event and help Perth free from plastic.

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