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The 5 Best Beaches in Western Australia

Perth is not only known for its magnificent golf courses, but here you will also find some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. Crystal clear waves, soft white sand, and dynamic coastlines place Western Australia’s beaches among the best in the country. With over 12,000 beaches in Australia, they are all superbly clean and have clear waters that are safe for swimmers, snorkeling, and other beach sports. Perth also has one of the best sunny weather you can ever hope for, so make sure you take advantage of it by visiting one of our many beaches. The experience of a sunset on a beach in WA is something not to be missed which is why we have put together the top 5 beaches in Western Australia.

The Basin

the basin Perth
Image Source
The Basin is located on Rottnest Island which is 18 km from the coast of Perth. This beach offers the ideal snorkeling experience even for beginners and amateurs for it has shallow reefs and gentle swells. The beach is a great getaway destination for families with fresh waters that range from a greenish to a bluish color. They fill the shallow pools that are habited by colorful fish. When tired of swimming in the waters you have the option of climbing on top of the reefs to enjoy the scenic view.

Bill’s Bay

Bills bay coral bay
Image Source
Bill’s Bay is found in a tiny town popularly known as Coral Bay which is well known to be a perfect family holiday outing. The beach is enormous and enjoys the protection of the Ningaloo Marine Park. When diving or snorkeling into the waters, manta rays, whale sharks and dugongs welcome you into their world. Those who visit between June and October are always privileged to see the amazing humpback whales that migrate at such time of the year. The beach is a 12-hour drive north of Perth and offers a perfect destination for road trip lovers from the city.

Yallingup Beach

yallingup beach WA
Image Source
The locals dubbed the area to have it all. The view from the Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge surrounding it is epic and makes a perfect view for watching the hazy sun ray’s reflection in the waters. The view of sea cliffs fading away into the distance is amazing and there is plenty of parking on top of the ridge to accommodate visitors. The lagoons are filled by fish and are sheltered by the coral reefs as the shallow waters make for an added advantage to swimming and snorkeling lovers. The beach is perfect for a family getaway and it is always busy during hot summers and Christmas holidays.

Cottesloe Beach in Perth

Cottesloe Beach photo
Image Source
Cottesloe beach is just fifteen minutes away from central Perth by car. It is known for its Sunday sessions, hotels, cafes and restaurants. For city dwellers, it is the perfect spot for evenings to gaze the sun go down the horizon. The beach is transformed into an outdoor gallery in March when the Annual Sculpture by the Sea takes place.

Sandy Bay Exmouth

Sandy Bay pic
Image Source
This beach features endless white sands and is a popular spot for surfers when the wind is blowing appropriately. The clear shallow waters form a spectacular view and are safe for kids to play and swim in them. The picnic table on the beach is a favorite spot when in need of a quick meal. Why not hire one of our 12 seater bus to take you here!

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