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Perth’s Four Seasons – the Perfect Guide

What is the weather like in Perth? Weather affects nearly all the outdoor activities such as golfing or fishing. In order to plan adequately for the day, knowing what it is going to be like is vital.
Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is situated along the only Mediterranean climate zone of the earth. This means that the weather around Perth is mostly shiny even during the mild winters. You can call it a world of endless summers. The weather proves to be a major advantage to visitors and locals who love outdoor activities like sightseeing, swimming or strolling on the sandy beaches.
Perth is Australia’s city with the longest hours of sunshine averaging eight hours per day. Popular with the tourists or on a business trip, the temperatures are fairly constant as compared to other Australian cities. Most of the locally forecasted weather is never wrong. This is a major factor contributing to the swelling tourism industry of the city. The average temperatures range between 24.5° Celsius on the maximum to 12.7° Celsius on the minimum side.
Perth has four seasons:

  1. Summer
  2. Winter
  3. Autumn
  4. Spring

The seasons have short extreme periods of the cycle and sometimes affect the locals physically. The Fremantle doctor is a signature to the city. It features a cool breeze blowing in the direction of the city


Perth Autumn

This warm to hot season usually commences in the early days of March and terminates at the end of June. The autumns in Perth are different from the common autumns in most global destinations. They are barely an extension of the hot summers, the only difference lies with the cooler nights. Higher humidity and daytime showers are a common occurrence during the autumn. In the recent pasts, the city has had heat waves with climatologists pointing fingers in several directions. Autumn offers the perfect times to visit the city and explore the many magnificent views and structures.


Winter in Perth

The season starts in early June and ends in the later days of August. The weather is characterized mainly by it’s mild nature. During this time, abrupt showers are expected. The occasional storms are sometimes accompanied by lightning in the sky and thunderstorms. Rare cool sunny days are experienced. It is highly advisable to dress appropriately during this time as temperatures drop rapidly when it rains.


Spring flowers

It usually starts in September and is characterized by warm temperatures and sunny days that reign for the majority of the months that follow. The chances of it raining during spring are minimal making it a tourist booming season.



Make hay when the sun still shines. In Perth, you are certain of its drying during summer. The weather around this time is warm to hot with it’s peaks being at the start of February. The season normally begins in December. The aforementioned doctor‘s breeze is very reliable during this times. Summers are the best times to visit the sandy beaches.

Plan ahead for your activities. For visitors, the weather in Perth makes it the premium destination for holidays and vacations. If you are travelling in a big group, why not consider hiring our people movers.

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