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Introducing our new range of luxury car hire


Luxury Car Hire

It goes without saying that no one is the same. This can’t be further from the truth when it comes to people’s preferred choice of cars to hire. Although the majority of us tend to choose a budget car, some of us prefer to splurge a bit and ride around in style and comfort. For those with the hunger for everything luxury, worry no more! Introducing our new range of luxury car hire featuring some of the most exciting modern luxury cars around in Perth. Here at Aries, we listen to your needs and we deliver!

So what makes a luxury car the preferred choice for some? Let’s take a look at some of the popular reasons why people demand luxury cars to be available for hire:


The very obvious reason that comes into people’s mind is definitely luxury. Branded and high-end cars are mostly associated with many luxury features not found in other low-mid end cars. Step into a high-end luxury car and you will straight away notice the difference such as embossed leather interior. But there are also other features like heated seats, powered seats with memory locks and even illuminated side panels. Many luxury cars comes with other optional features such as an electric sunroof and a removable hardtop (convertibles). It doesn’t stop there, modern luxury cars brings state of the art technology; from premium audio system to electronic parking aids. Some even has a built-in tv screens for your family’s enjoyment.

Enhanced Safety

Safety should be in everyone’s mind when choosing a car to drive in. Apart from the oozing luxury features, high-end cars also built with safety in mind. In fact, many will have extra enhanced safety features compared to budget cars. For example, advanced anti-lock brake systems and even an automatic lane keeping feature. The braking systems of luxury cars are a lot more advanced with greater stopping power. Yes it costs more for these enhanced safety features, but it is money well spent.



This goes without saying, high-end luxury cars comes with it the image and prestige. Driving in style and turning heads is just what some people want and what better to hire one of our luxury cars! As the old saying goes, first impression is the most important. So when you have that hot date or a very important meeting to attend, you definitely need to arrive in style!

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