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Small Car Hire Specialist

At Aries Car Rental, we understand your intention for a hire cars are all are different. That is why we have a wide range of vehicles to suit any requirement. From a small sized car to a family sized one, we have just what you are looking for! Check out our range of vehicle types here.


When travelling alone, as a couple, or a small group with no luggage; you might want to consider hiring a small sized car hire from us. Here at Aries Car Rental, we have a nice selection of small cars for you to choose from.


Small does not mean less and all of our small sized cars are fully insured and are regularly maintained with log book service for your peace of mind and comfort. Safety is our top priority and that is why you will only find late model, low mileage and maintained vehicles under our roof.

small car hire in perth


Benefits of Hiring a Small Car


Apart from being a perfect fit for your small group size, hiring a small car has many other benefits. An obvious one is saving money on fuel economy as they tend to have lower engine capacities. So if you are on a budget, hiring a small economical will no doubt put more money back in your wallet!


Another advantage of hiring a small car is for maximum manoeuvrability. Parking in tight spaces will be a breeze with one of our compact small cars. They are ideal to drive in high traffic conditions that you may encounter in the Perth CBD.


If you’re someone who cares about the environment, you’ll be glad to know that our small cars have smaller carbon footprint compared to bigger sized vehicles. So why not enjoy your driving experience in Perth without any guilt!


small car interior image


Nissan Micra


The smallest car we have in our fleet is the Nissan Micra. Although small, it is packed with attractive features such as USB connectivity and a 5 seat capacity. Equipped with standard features such as air-conditioning, cruise control and a CD player; the Nissan Micra is a pleasure to drive. Currently, the Nissan Micra has limited availability – so make sure you get in quick!


Hyundai Accent Hatch  


One of the more popular models amongst our small car range is the Hyundai Accent. Available in both the small hatch and sedan with 5 seats, the Hyundai Accent will make your driving experience a memorable one. Powered by a zippy 4 cylinder engine, together with keyless entry and icy cold air-conditioning; you won’t be disappointed! Contact us today to reserve your vehicle for your next car hire.


KIA Cerato Hatch


With its modern styling, the small and powerful KIA Cerato will leave you breathless. Apart from the pleasing aesthetics, this compact car features front and rear sensors that are usually reserved for high end cars. The KIA is also packed with all the usual features such as Eco Mode driving, cruise control, air conditioning and all the standard luxuries a modern small car should have. As with our other small cars, the KIA Cerato has a 5 seat capacity in both hatchback and sedan; making it ideal for small families with plenty of room inside.


If you need further information about the above car models or any other models within our small car range, please call us on (08) 9325 3110.

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