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Luxury Car Hire in Perth

When in need of a luxury car to hire in Perth, Aries Car Rental is there for you. We have ready to hire vehicles for our luxury-car seeking customers. We provide a range of high-end luxury cars that suit your budget and announce your presence and taste in vehicles.


Just because you are in a new city doesn’t mean you have to settle for a mode of transport you aren’t comfortable with. We will provide you with a luxury car of your choice for your comfort and convenience during your stay in Perth.


Listed below are some of the cars in our range of luxury vehicles we provide.


Mercedes-Benz GLE-CLASS GLE350 d 4MATIC (Silver)


Luxury Car Mercedes Benz for hire image

Image for illustration purpose only


Mercedes is popular for its top of the range luxury vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz GLE-CLASS GLE350 d 4MATIC is at the top of the Mercedes Benz spectrum when it comes to luxury. The Mercedes GLE is luxury on wheels with a dash of class that turns heads wherever you go.


To start with, the GLE’s top feature is its safety standards. After several safety tests by the experts, the GLE emerged the contender for the safest luxury SUV in the market. Therefore, while hiring this vehicle for a solo drive or a family journey, you are sure that you are behind the wheel of a stable, luxurious vehicle.


It is a comfortable five-seater that can easily fit the whole family. In addition, it has ample space to fit your suitcases and souvenirs collected during and after your trip. It is a keyless start vehicle that can also be started via your Android or Apple phone. It rides smoothly without much noise and its driver and passengers will drive in comfort with heated seats and ample leg room. Its entertainment panel is highly advanced and easily connects to Bluetooth on the passengers’ phones. It also has USB ports, an 8-inch display screen and an HD radio.


When it comes to speed and strength, the GLE is highly rated. On the road, it handles comfortably with a high acceleration power and easily remains balanced at high speeds. It has a strong engine allowing you to effortlessly cruise on the highway. Compared to other luxury vehicles, driving this car will help you save on fuel money. For a luxury vehicle with a strong engine, it has a relatively low fuel consumption.



2018 BMW X3 30i xDrive (Pearl White)


2018 BMW X3 hire pic

Image for illustration purpose only



The 2018 BMW X3 30i xDrive is a stylish, luxurious car. As its price indicates, it is a crossover SUV that oozes luxury and class. Manufactured and designed by a legendary German automaker with a reputation to uphold, this 2018 BMW has outdone all other versions in its class.  Available to hire is one that is Pearl White, a colour that helps it stand out from its surroundings and represent the luxury it was made for.

The 2018 BMW X3 is a top of the range luxury vehicle with spacious and elegantly designed interiors. With artistically finished leather upholstery seats, the driver and passengers can ride in comfortably. In addition, it has more than enough legroom in the back row to ensure comfort even for the tallest passengers. It also has a large and spacious luggage room for any extra gear you may be bringing along. This vehicle allows for proximity key entry and has a start/stop ignition button. Its dashboard carries a 6.5-inch display and navigation screen. It also has a panoramic sunroof to add natural light to the vehicle.


To add to its range of luxury features, the 2018 BMW X3 rides smoothly and silently on the highway without any noise from its powerful engine. It offers comfortably high speeds with increased braking capacity. Also, it has a high acceleration response and will fit the speed limits on any highways. Because of its strong engine, this BMW X3 consumes fuel efficiently and will travel longer on less fuel. For the discerning traveler, this is another vehicle in our class of luxury vehicles. You can ride in style and luxury to your destination during your stay in Perth with the new in the market 2018 BMW X3.



Mini John Cooper Works Clubman (Silver)

The Mini John Cooper Works Clubman is another vehicle in our range of available luxury cars for hire. Designed for the solo or family traveler, this car is pleasing on the eyes and will stand out in crowds not only for the brand it represents but also for its unique build and design.


Hard to categorize, the Clubman is a 5 door five-seater suitable for the whole family. It is roomy and spacious with comfortable seating space and includes a large luggage accommodation space. It is a long car with a low body and uses unique barn doors for its back door. It has a strong engine for a car in its price range and size. As a result, it rides smoothly on the highway and is a fast and nimble car to drive. It has a reasonable fuel consumption for a luxury car and will provide maximum savings on fuel money for your travels.


Its unique design allows it to have high speeds for a car as low as it is. It has “breathers” behind its front wheels. They expel air from the wheels to reduce drag and thus increase the stability of the vehicle and its cruising speed. This provides for a smooth ride in the Mini Cooper Clubman.

Driving this car is a joy. This is because it responds well to braking and acceleration. It has several driving modes, for example, in Sport mode, you can easily enjoy the handling of the car as you can feel it respond when speeding up, slowing down or stopping instantaneously.


Aries Car Rental will provide you with a range of the ultimate luxury vehicle collection for your stay in Perth. Contact us today to find your next luxury vehicle for hire.



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